Additional Information

Will my items look exactly like the picture shown?

Sometimes due to stock change and availability out of our control we will use flowers, brooches and artificial foliage as close to the ones advertised as possible. However this can result in slight differences - but we assure you the quality will be kept the same and at a high standard. Please note the colours may vary slightly due to the light while photographing. There also may be slight blemishes on the flowers which are produced at the point of manufacturing which is completely out of our control. These terms are agreed when an order is placed. All items are lovingly handmade. 


What size are your items?

You can find all the measurement information next to the item and reading the description listed. We list our measurements in inches. Round measurements are listed in the diameter (side to side). All items are measured over the dome of the roses, not the back or side of the bouquets etc. All sizes are approximate - not exact - there may be slight differences due to stock changes out of our control. All our items are sent as per illustration and size stated.  


What would you recommend for buttonholes or pin ons for light coloured suits/outfits? 

As much as our products are produced as colourfast, we strongly advise as a preventative measure against any colour transferal, ribbon covered stems on light colours. We do not accept responsibility of any colour transfer from any of our items onto any garment (suits, outfits etc) and we will not under any circumstance cover dry cleaning, cleaning products or replace any garment. These are the terms accepted upon ordering. If you would like any advice or clarification please contact the team before placing the order. 


GroovyRuby only uses the highest quality of flowers. Realistic is our main aim, so we hope you will love your chosen designs. If you have any questions or queries please contact: