Getting Creative With Complimenting Wedding Colours

Hello Everyone!


Happy New Year! We hope you have a fabulous 2016. Ourselves at GroovyRuby are excited about our new range of packages and we are looking forward to helping future brides make their wedding day truly memorable. 


This time we are going to discuss one of the main aspects of wedding planning – the colour scheme! Once the one has been found and the venue has been booked – the next decision is the colour theme as this will be the main focus of your wedding celebrations used from the invites all the way to the bridal favours. 


See most brides already have one particular favourite colour where as some brides have a range of favourites – which can make this a hard decision for some. If this is the case why not stretch the imagination and incorporate more than one of your favourite shades?  Lets think outside the box.  


To help you guys along we have put together a collection from our range of bouquets (all available to buy), which we believe will co-ordinate with some of the frequently chosen and popular colours of bridesmaid’s dresses. 


Baby Blue Colour Match

Baby Pink Colour Match

Cadbury Purple Colour Match

Coral Colour Match

Lilac Colour Match

Mint Green Colour Match

Navy Colour Match

Orange Colour Match

Royal Blue Colour Match

Red Colour Match

Yellow Colour Match


Of course if your colour choice of bridesmaids dress is not on our colour swatches – please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you decide on a colour scheme that will make your wedding day truly special. 


Hope everyone finds this helpful – but remember ultimately the choice is yours… You’re getting married, this is the time to have some fun!!


Until next time, 


Bex & Manda

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