Why Choose Artificial Over Fresh?

Hi! Welcome to GroovyRuby – thank you for being on our site and looking through our collections. We are a fairly new artificial wedding flower ecommerce site. So we thought we’d start our first blog post on why artificial flowers have become so hugely popular over the last decade. I mean we didn’t really see much of artificial flowers in the 70s and why was that? Lets face it the plastic looking artificial flower was not the kind of bouquet the 70s bride would go for – mainly because the bride may as well of held a Cindy Doll! There was a slight improvement to the quality in the 80s with the introduction of silk, progressing slowly through the 90s – with a sudden miraculous improvement in the 00s mainly due to the introduction of soft pliable foam. Thank you China :).


 Tiger Lily - Artificial

Artificial Tiger Lilies - Beautiful!


Now lets look at the pros and cons of the artificial wedding bouquet.




  1. Very realistic looking - On your photographs you can never tell they’re not real! Guests will have to have a feel, just to put their mind at rest.
  2. Affordable – the artificial bouquet can be the third of the cost of a fresh.
  3. Longevity – obviously the artificial bouquet will basically last forever, where as your fresh bouquet by the time your evening reception comes along will well be on its way to wilting! Lets face it - nobody wants a wilt on their wedding day! ;)
  4. Colour matching – of course there is a wide range of colour variety with fresh flowers but colour matching your artificial flower is so much easier as the colour options are endless.
  5. Allergies – the title speaks for itself. If you suffer from hay fever or any other allergic reactions to fresh plants and flowers, artificial is the obvious option. No bride or groom wants a runny nose and red sore eyes as a memory in their photo album!
  6. Options to change your mind – the flowers are usually created as sold but the advantage of the silk/foam bouquet is that it can be transformed, if you however want something different or your colour scheme changes they can be altered. Which isn’t an option with the fresh bouquet, as they are delivered on the wedding day morning with no alternatives. No nasty surprises here – as our flowers can be ordered years before if preferred.
  7. Keepsakes & remembering – your precious bouquet can be a constant reminder of your wonderful wedding day. Many of our past brides have packed their bouquets away lovingly with their wedding dress as a treasured keep sake. Some have asked us to rearrange them into a vase to make a special arrangement. But many also take their bouquet to a place of meaning to remember a loved one.
  8. Beautiful extras – artificial arrangements accommodate beautiful extras much more easily. Such as pearls, crystals, diamantes, ornate brooches, ribbons and whatever your heart desires. The choice is yours.




  1. Tradition – obviously some brides to be will say fresh is best and we respect that especially having worked with fresh for many years ourselves and it has been the tradition since the 1500s. But lets face it the fresh bouquet back in the very early days was created solely not to enhance the beauty of the bride but to mask her personal hygiene. I think as we all agree, the brides of the 21st century do not have that problem. The bouquet of today is purely a beautiful enhancement for the bride and her maids on her wedding day but still keeping in line with tradition.


We feel the cons of artificial wedding flowers are very limited, we at GroovyRuby enjoy creating and using the realistic looking and beautiful artificial flowers available to us on a daily basis. We as a dedicated team get very involved with the new ranges and trends that are constantly coming onto the market, however of course your opinion counts!


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope this post enlightens your choice.


Until next time – which will be our thoughts on colour matching :),


Bex & Manda


  • sarah

    just recieved my flowers and i absolutely love love love them, they are beautiful!! thank you so much. i will be recommending you to everyone i know!

  • Victoria

    How much do you charge for 4 bridesmaids bouquets small and 4 flower girls post and one teardrop bouquet in coral and ivory with pearls roses


    Your flowers look really beautiful. Do you send out samples?

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